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COCO Husk Chips

The coco chips are used in mixing with coco peat blocks or potting soil to increase aeriation and moisture. So all the husks that we procure goes through quality check. The husk is then sent through the coconut chips cutter machine to split the husk to small chips. The size of the chips are varied based on the customer requirement. Also based on the customer request, we sell both washed and unwashed coco husk Chips.

Type Coco Husk Chips Coco Husk Chips
Product Washed UnWashed
EC Less than 0.5 ms/cm Greater than 1.5 ms/cm
pH 5.5 to 6.8 5.5 to 6.8
Impurities Less than 5% Less than 5%
Fiber Less than 5% Less than 5%
Moisture 15% 15%
Expansion Greater than 13 l/kg Greater than 13 l/kg

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Globbal Coco is a family owned business producing wide variety of coconut products. With more than 10 generations passionately into Agriculture and growing coconuts, our family has been using coconut products traditionally like coconut water, coconut coir, coco peat, coconut oil and coconut charcoal.

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